Buying Land at Cantabria

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Photos Kind of product Location Town Kind m2 Bdrms. Price
Nbrhd. pomaluengo CASTAÑEDA Urban 146 m2 105.100
Nbrhd. pomaluengo CASTAÑEDA Urban 177 m2 105.100
Nbrhd. robeiro BOO DE PIELAGOS Urban 1.747 m2 110.010
Nbrhd. san juan BOO DE PIELAGOS Urban 1.261 m2 159.510
Nbrhd. puente san miguel PUENTE SAN MIGUEL Urban 860 m2 340.100
barrio la macorra CARANDIA Urban 2.020 m2 345.500
highway san salvador - heras SAN SALVADOR (MEDIO CUDEYO) Urban 1.060 m2 464.700
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solar de cubillas - sollagua BARCENA DE CICERO Land From 800 m2 From 609.000 €