Various in sale, c. alcalde figueroa, 2 in the province of granada


Various in sale, c. alcalde figueroa, 2 in the province of granada

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  • 1.155 m2





  • 1.155m2 surface
  • Storeroom in basement
  • Built in 1996
  • In good condition
  • 100% built

Property owner


Information on the area

Municipality: Ogijares

Province: Granada

Population: 13,718

Surface area: 7 km2

Property owner


Updated on 06/07/2017

Terms and Conditions

The information contained on this website may be updated without notice, so it must be confirmed in each case by calling 902 15 01 02. The prices do not include taxes and charges to be met by the lessee.

All the information in R.D. 515/1989, of 21 April, on consumer protection regarding the information provided in the sale and rental of housing, additional regional regulations, R.D. 235/2013 of 13 April on energy certification and other applicable legislation is available to users in our offices located at c/ de Provençals, 39, Barcelona. All the products advertised on this website are marketed by Servihabitat.

Details of owner and seller

Real estate property of Buildingcenter, S.A.U., a company with registered address at Paseo de Recoletos 37 Esc.6, 28004 Madrid and Tax ID (CIF) number A-63106157, listed in the Company Register of Madrid in volume 36764, on folio 85, sheet M-658683.

Marketer: Servihabitat Servicios Inmobiliarios, S.L., a company with registered address  C/ de Provençals, 39, 08019 Barcelona,listed in the Company Register of Barcelona in volume 43872, Foli 105, Sheet B-440.583.

Terms of the promotion

Condiciones válidas solo para inmuebles identificados en con la etiqueta amarilla icono de campaña. Propuesta de precio no vinculante y no acumulable a otras promociones o descuentos. Se entenderá que la propuesta de precio realizada no incluye gastos ni impuestos. Oferta válida en la fecha de publicación del inmueble con la correspondiente etiqueta en este portal web.
Compromiso de respuesta: Servihabitat se compromete a responder en 24 horas a todas las propuestas de precio efectuadas a través de nuestra red de asesores inmobiliarios (API) sobre los inmuebles identificados con el icono de campaña.